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CKC Motors Company N.V. has a Holding structure that includes the following companies:  

- Suroto N.V.                   : the distributor of Toyota and Hino
- Amcar N.V.                   : the distributor of Chevrolet
- City Garage N.V.          : the distributor of Mitsubishi
- CKC Motors Co. N.V.   : the distributor of the brands Mahindra, Jac, Joylong and Jinbei and
- Realcar N.V.                 : license holder of Hertz in Suriname.

Toyota vehicles are manufactured in Japan and Thailand. HINO is the line for trucks for TOYOTA and is manufactured in Japan, while the Chevrolet vehicles are manufactured in Mexico and also in Korea. The Mahindra is manufactured in India and the JAC, JOYLONG and JINBEI are manufactured in China. CKC Motors Co. N.V. imports only new vehicles. Clients are provided a warranty of 3 years or 100,000 km for each new car. This applies to all brands, with the exception of the Chinese brands. On the Chinese brands the client will be provided a warranty of 1 year or 20,000 km. CKC Motors Co. N.V. only imports vehicles that have been issued for the Surinamese market. This means that the manufacturer gears the vehicle to the different aspects of Suriname, such as road structure, the climate and fuel composition. Bank financing or internal funding is possible, in case the potential client complies with the funding requirements and is creditworthy. For bank financing you can go to all local banks, including: The Surinaamsche Bank, Hakrinbank N.V., Finabank N.V., Republic Bank Suriname, GODO and the Volkskredietbank. After settlement of the purchase agreement the vehicle is made ready for delivery. The vehicle is processed by Customs and checked technically, after which the vehicle will undergo the first inspection conducted by the inspection station of the Police at Geyersvlijt. After the third party insurance is covered the vehicle can be delivered. After a week, the client is called back to check whether the client has any questions and how the client has experienced the vehicle. CKC Motors Co. N.V. offers the possibility of leasing vehicles, in collaboration with a sister company, Kersten Lease N.V. 

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