10.000 KM

The work conducted in the 10,000 KM maintenance package includes:

Interior & Exterior

* Check windscreen wiper and windscreen washer operation and clean if necessary.
* Check proper operation of all lights (interior and exterior).
* Check adequate operation of the claxon/car horn.
* Check the condition of each seatbelt.
* Lubricate all locks and hinges: doors, hood and load area.


* Top up water in the water spray bottle.
* Check battery operation. Clean polarities and clamps.
* Check the starting and charging system.
* Check break and clutch fluid level and quality/ if necessary, top up to the “MAX” sign.
* Check level power steering fluid.
* Check air filter and replace if necessary.
* Check radiator cap, coolant level, coolant condition and replace if necessary.
* Replace oil filter.
* Check air, oil and water hoses.
* Check transmission fluid.
* Check clutch condition and operation. Replace if necessary.
* Check the drive belt and the V-belt.


* Check break pads and adjust if required.
* Check tyres for wear problems. If necessary, the client is advised wheel alignment.
* Check whether the tyres need wheel balancing.
* Check tyre pressure/condition of the spare tyre.


* Check wheel suspension/tighten bolts/check/ stuurbalkoppeling speling controleren.

* Lubricate wheel suspension/ top up all lubrication points/check all constant velocity drive shafts and rubbers.
* Drain all engine oil/re-install the engine drain plug with a new sealing cap.
* Replace the oil filter.

* Check for fluid leaks.
* Check the manual transmission/ /front and back differential/ transfer box fluids.

* Check the engine and transmission bearings.
* Check the steering system/ lubricate drive shaft / check universal joints.
* Check leaf springs and all rubber bushing and lubricate if necessary.

Finish and complete maintenance

* Secure all wheel bolts.
* Check and top up engine oil.
* Check for oil leaks at the oil filter and the engine drain plug.
* Check all drain plugs and levels in the engine: transmission/ /differential/ transfer box.
* Check proper running of engine.
* Place service card that indicates when the next maintenance inspection is due.
* If required: take test drive.

In addition, in case the client has indicated complaints, these will be checked as well. The client will be informed and if the client agrees with the quote, the work will be conducted.

Please note:

The work conducted may differ depending on the brand and model of the vehicle. If you would like to request a quote for this maintenance package, then click here below.

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