CKC MOTORS RENTAL is specialized in car rental. Vehicles are rented out to individuals and also to organizations. If parties are interested in renting for a longer period of time, we offer the possibility of leasing the vehicle. These agreements are only entered into after approval of management. There are a number of ways to make a reservation. This can be done through the website, by calling, faxing or mailing us or by personally visiting us. At a fee, the client can be picked up at any place he or she may choose. Such as, for instance, our international Johan Adolf Pengel airport.

The rental fees are priced in USD, but the customer is allowed to pay in Surinamese currency and/or Euros. However, we do require a security deposit of USD 500.00 that needs to be paid in advance or blocked on a credit card. The rental fee can be post-paid and includes:

  • CASCO insurance
  • Rental rate (net rental amount)
  • Value Added Tax (8%)
  • Collision Damage Waiver (protection against damage, theft and loss of the car)
  • Full tank fuel

In addition to the security deposit, the client will need to submit a copy of his/her original driving license. If the client has another driving license than a Surinamese driving license, he/she will be allowed to drive for a limited period of time. This may vary from a number of days to a number of weeks and depends on the country of origin. We recommend submitting an international driving license, when clients have a foreign driving license.

The vehicle fleet of CKC MOTORS RENTAL includes SUVs, pick-ups, midsize and compact vehicles. Each vehicle has its own service and repair schedule of which records are kept on a daily basis. Should the client have any complaints, the vehicle will be sent to the workshop for diagnostics purposes. In case the vehicle appears to have technical problems, the client will be provided with another vehicle as soon as possible. In addition, REAL CAR N.V. also offers a standby service that is available 24/7 Contact our Rental representatives for more information. 

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