Chevrolet Colorado

4WD double cabin pickup truck, Right hand drive, 6-speed automatic transmission, equipped with a 2.8L 4-cylinder 200HP diesel engine

Toyota Rush

5 door SUV, right hand drive, spacious interior with 3 rows of seats for 7 passengers, 2WD, 4-speed automatic transmission, with 1…

Chevrolet Trailblazer

5 door SUV, Right Hand Drive, 4 WD, 6-speed automatic
transmission equipped with a 2.800 CC/ 4-cylinder Turbo,
DOHC Diesel…

Service & repair

CKC Motors offers the best quality to price ratio for all service and repair work. Click here for more information. 

Parts sales

CKC Motors CO. N.V offers an extensive assortment of only original parts. Recently a Delivery Service was added to the department. Click here for more information. 


Is your car damaged? Request a non-binding quote for damage repair or contact us through +597 402833.

Need an affordable car rental?

REALCAR N.V. (license holder from the ‘Hertz International System) is specialized in car rental . For more information please contact our HERTZ representatives or check the availability.

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